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Measurement Innovation is closing down:
After 30 years, Measurement Innovation and Measurement Rentals have closed their doors. All sales stock and ex-rental equipment is being sold off with substantial discounts - the lowest prices for everything until it's all sold. A huge thank you to all our customers for your business, professionalism and friendship over the years. It's been good to know you.

Product Support:
Product support continues to be provided by the manufacturers, as it always has been. Click the respective links in the "Information" section on the right for details on who to contact for tech-support, warranty repairs, repairs, and calibration. The support teams at Keysight Technologies and Freedom Communications will welcome your enquiries and are fully across the specific needs of us here in Australia.
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Featured products...
Ex-rental AGOS ARIA-6000
AGOS ARIA-6000 Isotropic Antenna 30 MHz to 6 GHz for use with Keysight FieldFox
Ex-rental Agilent 85092
Agilent 85092C 50 Ohm, Type-N ECal module 300 kHz to 9 GHz
Ex-rental Agilent U2331A
Agilent U2331A 64-channel Data Acquisition Unit
Ex-rental Keysight U2542A
Keysight U2542A 500kSa/s USB Modular Simultaneous Data Acquisition Unit
Ex-rental Aaronia UBBV2
40dB preamplifier for EMC precompliance and field strength; DC to 8GHz
Ex-rental Agilent 85032F
Agilent 85032F 50 Ohm Type N Calibration Kit
Keysight N9910X-708
Keysight N9910X-708 Rugged phase-stable cable, 1 m
Ex-rental Agilent 85036E
Agilent 85036E 75 Ohm, Type-N calibration kit, DC to 3 GHz
Keysight U1115A
Remote Logging Display
Keysight N9910X-870
Keysight N9910X-870 Spare battery for Field Fox and HSA
Keysight U1117A
IR-Bluetooth Adapter

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