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RF Applications Software for your
892x RF Comms Test Set or
CSA Spectrum Analyser.
Now supports Windows 7!
The HP/Agilent 892x RF Comms Test Sets are regarded by many as the "tool of choice" for RF installation and maintenance, but the lack of simple PC connectivity restricts their usefulness. RF Tools is a suite of software tools that enhances and improves the effectiveness of RF technicians when installing and maintaining radio systems, especially field maintenance of repeater sites and RF site surveys. Automated procedures guide users through the measurement process. Measurement repeatability and quality are improved using the built-in save and recall databases. All results can be saved to file or printed.
Information & Downloads:
Upgrade to Windows 7:
Existing RF Tools users who want to upgrade to Windows 7 just need to order the latest RF Tools CD-ROM.

Supported 892x models:

For instruments with the required options and firmware, RF Tools is known to support the 8920A, 8920B, 8921A and 8924C.

3GHz and 6GHz operation:

The Interference Monitor and Signal Strength modules support the battery operated Agilent N1996A CSA spectrum analyser via ethernet, ideal for bench & mobile monitoring up to 3GHz or 6GHz. A lower-cost license (RFT-1000-CSA) is available for CSA owners.



Cable Fault Location:
Time domain (i.e. distance) analysis of all standard 50 ohm RF cables. Identify the distance to cable faults and breakages. A database containing the most popular RF cable types is included, plus a "custom" mode for entering the parameters of other 50ohm cables you wish to test.


Antenna / Return Loss analyser:
Sweep and measure the return loss of antennas, filters or any other 50 ohm RF device. Compare results with previous measurements to identify degradation. Save results to database, JPG or printed reports.


Filter / Insertion Loss analyser:
Sweep and measure the insertion loss of filters, diplexers, cables, and any other 50ohm RF device. Compare results with previous measurements to identify degradation. Automatic bandwidth markes display filter bandwidth, centre frequency, minimum insertion loss. Save results to database, JPG or printed reports.

Interference Monitor:
Spectrum recording to your PC's hard disk for unattending monitoring to identify interfering signals & illegal transmitters, including covert surveillance and spectrum management. Playback the recorded spectrum traces later at speed. Each trace is date and time stamped. Two Alarm Zones can alert when a signal intrudes into either zone. "Listen mode" to help identify unknown signals.

Signal Strength:
Log the signal strength of up to 10 RF channels. Ideal for mobile site-surveys. All data recorded to a CSV log file for easy spreadsheet analysis. A user-defined threshold (dBm) records an alarm if the signal falls below the threshold. RSS Monitor & Listen allows operator to monitor and hear each transmission before commencing logging.


Screen Capture utilities:
Screen capture to JPG of the 8920 Oscilloscope and Spectrum Analyser screens when under manual operator control. Saves and displays all relevant instrument settings on the saved JPG image.

 All RF Tools software and accessories can be purchased online.

RF Tools software

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