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Measurement Innovation offers a range of test & measurement training courses at their premises in Perth, Western Australia. Some courses can also be delivered on-site - please contact us for details.

Each course follows a clear structure, although some degree of flexibility is maintained so that the material can be tailored to the specific needs of the attendees.


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Current Training Courses

R8000 and R8100 Fundamentals (TRG-5100) 
A half-day foundation course on the Freedom Communications R8000 and R8100 Communications Analysers.

FieldFox Essentials (TRG-5110)   
A half-day, in-depth course on cable and antenna measurements with the Keysight FieldFox.

Spectrum Analyser Fundamentals (TRG-5210)
This half-day course covers all of the essentials required to understand and make RF spectrum analyser measurements. Attendees should already have a reasonable understanding of RF theory and measurements.

To buy tickets, please phone our office on Tel: 08 9414 7800 to pay via credit card, or request a formal quotation.


 Training Calendar 2019:
  1st May 2019  TRG-5100 R8000/R8100 Fundamentals  
  2nd May 2019  TRG-5110 FieldFox Essentials  
  18th July 2019  TRG-5110 FieldFox Essentials  
  21st August 2019  TRG-5100 R8000/R8100 Fundamentals  
  22nd August 2019  TRG-5110 FieldFox Essentials  
  2nd October 2019  TRG-5100 R8000/R8100 Fundamentals  
  3rd October 2019  TRG-5110 FieldFox Essentials  

Training Calendar 2018:
  27th February 2018   TRG-5110 FieldFox Essentials SOLD OUT
  6th March 2018   TRG-5210 Spectrum Analyser Fundamentals  
  27th March 2018   TRG-5100 R8000/R8100 Fundamentals SOLD OUT
  5th April 2018   TRG-5110 FieldFox Essentials SOLD OUT
  10th April 2018   TRG-5110 FieldFox Essentials SOLD OUT
  24th April 2018   TRG-5110 FieldFox Essentials  
  1st May 2018   TRG-5100 R8000/R8100 Fundamentals  
  26th June 2018   TRG-5110 FieldFox Essentials SOLD OUT
  28th June 2018   TRG-5210 Spectrum Analyser Fundamentals  
  23th October 2018   TRG-5110 FieldFox Essentials  
  20th November 2018   TRG-5100 R8000/R8100 Fundamentals  


$390.00 plus GST per Person (BYO Test Equipment)
$590.00 plus GST per Person (Unit Provided by Measurement Innovation)

Training Courses

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