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RF Tools - Software Licensing

The licensing of RF Tools has specifically been designed to cater for the requirements of a large radio workshop where multiple 892x or CSA instruments may be used by many RF technicians.

RF Tools licensing is very simple. One license is required for each instrument. Each license is locked to the Model Number and Serial Number of a specific 892x or CSA instrument, and not to any particular PC. The RF Tools software can be installed free of charge on as many PCs as you like, and multiple license keys can be installed onto every PC. This means that any RF Technician can take any licensed instrument out on site and use it with any PC - there is no requirement to match a specific instrument with any particular PC; especially useful in a large workshop situation. Best of all, measurement results can be viewed and printed from any PC, regardless of whether an instrument is connected; this allows admin staff to review and collate measurement results without tying up an instrument.

RF Tools can be installed on as many PC’s as you like for the purpose of viewing and printing previously stored measurement results. A licensed 892x or CSA must be physically connected to the PC running RF Tools to make new measurements. Each time you purchase an RF Tools license you must provide the model number and serial number of a specific 892x or CSA, as the license key supplied is locked to that specific instrument and will not work with any other unit.

Please note that license keys are neither transferable nor refundable under any circumstances.

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