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RF Tools - FAQs

Is RF Tools available for hire?
Yes, RF Tools is available for hire as part of a complete package including an 8920A/B, or a CSA spectrum analyser, from our rentals division Measurement Rentals.

Who uses RF Tools?
RF Tools is used at Power companies, Emergency Services organisations, Fire Departments, Gas & Water utilities, Mining companies, Telemetry installers, Railroad and Transportation companies, Defence contractors, Government departments, Security companies, TAFE colleges, Land Mobile Radio installers and maintainers, Marine Radio, Radio Hams etc.

What do I need in order to use RF Tools with my 892x RF Comms Test Set?

  • 1 x suitably configured HP/Agilent 8920A, 8920B, 8921A or 8924C
  • 1 x RFT-1000 License Key (locked to the Model and Serial Number of your unit)
  • 1 x Agilent 82357A or 82357B USB-to-GPIB cable
  • 1 x Eagle Microwave BKA-8920 RF Accessories Kit (or equivalent)
  • 1 x Thru adapter (if you want to make insertion loss measurements)
  • 1 x Antenna (if you want to use the Interference Monitor or Signal Strength modules)
What do I need in order to use RF Tools with my CSA Spectrum Analyser?
  • 1 x Agilent N1996A CSA Spectrum Analyser (any configuration)
  • 1 x RFT-1000 License Key (locked to the Model and Serial Number of your unit)
  • 1 x Ethernet cable
  • 1 x Antenna for monitoring the RF spectrum

What GPIB interfaces are supported?
The Agilent 82357A and 82357B USB-to-GPIB interface cables are supported. No other interfaces or converter cables are supported.

How many PC's can I install the RF Tools software onto?
As many as you like. RF Tools software is available free of charge and can be installed onto an unlimited number of PCs. The only cost is for the license key which is locked to the Model Number and Serial Number of a specific instrument.

Does RF Tools work with Windows Vista?
Not yet, but it will do sometime soon.

What restrictions are there with the RFT-1000-HAM license?
This is the full software with no restrictions, specially discounted to support Amateur Radio operators.

Will my license key work with other instruments?
No. The license key is locked to the Model Number and Serial Number you provide at the time of ordering.

Can my license key be transferred to another instrument?
No. License keys cannot be transferred or refunded under any circumstances

Why is RFT-1000-CSA cheaper than the standard RFT-1000?
RF Tools was originally written for the HP/Agilent 892x instruments. But one of our customers wanted to make signal strength measurements up to 6GHz, so we added the capability to use the Interference Monitor and Signal Strength modules of RF Tools to work with the CSA spectrum analyser. These are the only two RF Tools modules that work with the CSA, hence the lower price.

What if my 892x Comms Test Set does not have the required Options or Firmware?
Contact us as its frequently possible to upgrade a unit to give it the required configuration.

How can I try out RF Tools before buying?
RF Tools evaluation CD-ROMs (the complete software and documentation package) are available free of charge by ordering RFT-1000-EVAL online, plus a small charge for postage and packing. Order online via our shopping cart - postage and packing will be added during the checkout process.

What if I have multiple instruments in a large workshop? How does the licensing work for that?
RF Tools is specifically designed to cater for a large radio workshop with multiple instruments and many technicians. Check out our Software Licensing page for more details. 

My old 82357A interface cable works fine, but my new 82357B cable does not work.
This is normal and can easily be resolved. Refer to our Application Note on this topic, or contact us for advice.

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